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Www.directeffectart.com - creative design solutions, showcases the work of artist/owner Darren Villegas and associates. The DirectEffectArt multidisciplinary design team offers solutions for all your design needs specializing in graphic design, mural installation, animation / motion graphics, concept illustration / fine art, product photography, art workshops / teaching positions, and various journalism / blogging / social media needs.

Artist/owner Darren Villegas is a multifaceted digital artist, muralist, and teacher, whose works have been featured in several print-based art publications, video documentaries, and fine art galleries. He is currently the Assistant Editor for 'The Nsubordinate: Worldwide Street Culture' magazine, and was most recently the lead instructor of the East Side Arts Alliance’s Visual Element mural arts program in Oakland, California. His skill set includes multimedia painting, classroom instruction, art direction, graphic design, 3D animation, journalism, mural painting, conceptual illustration, product photography, and gallery management. Darren has taught art workshops at several academic institutions, youth based community centers, and art organizations across Northern and Southern California including:

Riverside Community College

City College of San Francisco

San Francisco State University

Stanford University